“Ed McMahon, won’t you please knock on my door?”

One of the more popular tunes from the LET IT RAIN album: “Ed McMahon”

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NEVER TOO LATE review on “The Equal Ground”


See what Matt Jensen, of The Equal Ground, has to say about my first album NEVER TOO LATE! You can also hear samples, leave a comment, and even purchase NEVER TOO LATE. Please check it out!


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Nutmeg Chatter Spotlight: 02/28/2015


at the five points gallery at the five points gallery

Torrington’s Five Points Gallery hosted an artist talk on Friday evening (2/27/2015) regarding “OBJECTS AND IDEAS”, the new exhibit curated by Robert Calafiore.  One of the many artists featured in this exhibit is photographer Rose DeSiano who uses alternative photographic processes to capture her work onto transparent fabrics, plastics, and glass. The result is an exquisite and thought provoking examination of historical moments that shape a cultural landscape.

Members of the artistic community came out to the gallery to enjoy the work and the artist talk and among them was musician Robert C Fullerton (pictured above) who enjoyed a discussion with the DeSiano.


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New video! Restless

In less than 24 hours, my new music video “Restless…” (the closing cut from LET ITRAIN) already has almost 150 views! I’d love to see it hit 1,000 by one week.
Help me out?
View it, then share the link with friends – specific friends. Thanks!
Restless…: http://youtu.be/X4hTZ7JVUU8

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Bits & Pieces…

We’re down to the last leg of this journey – although, it’s actually just the beginning (sort of a loop that runs right through my door and brings me back again…). Final mixes are being done, reviewed, and readied for the mastering process. The album, “LET IT RAIN”, either digital or physical copy, could soon be in your hands! Meanwhile, I figured I just share with you some little bits of info about the album.


  • The process, including the songwriting, spans a period slightly over one year.
    • The first song (“Back Again” – also the first track on the album) was written in June 2013, before “NEVER TOO LATE” was even released.
    • In early December 2013, I began making notes, *planning. * “Planning”, RCF-style, is not necessarily as defined by most entrepreneurs.  🙂
    • George Mastrogiannis and I did the first recording session, at David Swanson’s “Legend Studios”, on Wednesday, February 26, and laid down the guitar, bass, & drum tracks for “Shoestring” and “Back Again”.
    • The final recording session was Tuesday, August 5.
  • “LET IT RAIN” was not the original title, nor was “BACK AGAIN”. The original working title when I first started planning? “LOVE SONGS & OTHER MALARKEY”. Honest.
  • SONG TITLES (in album order)
    • Back Again
    • Anastasia’s Lament
    • Let It Rain
    • Shoestring
    • Ed McMahon
    • Phoebe
    • 1st Church of the Tambourine
    • (She Takes Her) Picture At Night
    • Restless
  • Although the basic tracks were recorded, “Two Days, Too Late” (originally titled: Golden-Haired Goddess With A Toothbrush) was eventually scrapped from the project. The tracks still exist. Who knows; it may appear on a future album…
  • “Northern Sky”, was written around the same time as “Phoebe” and “Anastasia’s Lament”, but not included it in this project. It also may appear in the future. The same is true of “Don’t Sit On The Sofa”, written sometime between “1st Church Of The Tambourine” and “Restless”.
  • “Anastasia’s Lament” and “Restless” were both the result of writing assignments I gave myself – exercises to stretch my skills. Click here for the story behind “Anastasia’s Lament”.
  • “Restless”, “1st Church of the Tambourine”, and “(She Takes Her) Picture At Night” were all written once the recording process had begun – well into it, actually. “Restless” was recorded at the very last session a couple weeks ago, having only been written a couple days prior. *It is only consequential that they appear at the end of the album.
  • My shoes (“THE Shoes”), in part, the inspiration behind “Shoestring”, have their own Facebook page AND twitter account!
  • I met David Swanson, engineer for both ‘LET IT RAIN” and “NEVER TOO LATE”, when I was a music teacher at The Master’s School. He was a student in the high school – and already an incredibly impressive musician.
  • Compared to “NEVER TOO LATE (for which I did all the instruments and vocals), 11 other people were involved in making “LET IT RAIN”:
    • George Mastrogiannis: drums/percussion
    • Isaac Young: keyboards “Let It Rain”, “Shoestring”
    • Atticus Kelly: piano “Ed McMahon”, electric guitar “Back Again”
    • Orville Barnaby: group vocals “Back Again”, “Let It Rain”
    • Gracie Day: guest vocal (both parts) “Picture At Night”, group vocals “Shoestring”, “Back Again”, Let It Rain”
    • Emily Joy Latvis: group vocals “Back Again”, “Let It Rain”
    • Jordan Rose Lee: group vocals “Shoestring”, “Let It Rain”
    • Lana Peck: group vocals “Shoestring”, “Let It Rain”
    • Angela Luna: guest vocal “Phoebe”, group vocals “Back Again”, “Let It Rain”
    • Collen Renzullo: group vocals “Back Again”, “Let IT Rain”
    • Steve Vozzolo: group vocals “Back Again”, “Let It Rain”
  • The “choir” on “Let It Rain” consisted of only 8 people; two of whom were recorded at an entirely different session than the other singers.
  • The backup vocals for “1st Church Of The Tambourine” were performed by The FULLERTONE Gospel Quartet! * I also did “choir” vocals on “Anastasia’s Lament”, but that name doesn’t fit the sound 🙂
  • Last factoid: YOU can’t wait to get hold of this album!


* Go back and read/reread through earlier posts!

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“Voice Of The City”

Listen to WESU host, J-Cherry, interview Robert C Fullerton about this new project, as well as his other music, on “VOICE OF THE CITY“! *Plus LIVE performances of “Back Again”, and “Shoestring”!!!


VoiceOfTheCityWESU studio B

* Find RCF’s music


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A Conversation with Vocalist, Angela Luna Grano

“Music has been a source of information and love.”  – Angela Luna Grano

Angela quite literally had me at, “Hello”, and for two good reasons. One, her “Hello” is the smoky, smoldering breathy kind of many a man’s dreams, as well as a few open minded women, and two, she was holding a vocal baby turkey whose little voice could be heard in tandem with hers. That’s right, a baby turkey. Because, not only is Angela an accomplished singer, she is a passionate and federally registered wildlife rescuer and bird rehabilitator; something Robert C. Fullerton didn’t know when he approached her to sing with him on his song about a bird, Phoebe, on his soon to be released second album, Let it Rain.

“I thought Phoebe was about a woman but it’s actually about a bird. I love that Robert called me in on a song that is about a bird and he didn’t know that I rehabilitate them,” Grano shares. “I think that speaks directly to his intuition as an artist.” Grano adds, “Robert is, in my mind, of the true blue echelon, that blue collar music, the real coal miner mentality. You work hard and it’s not easy and you may not get recognition but you make heat for a lot of people.”

Grano is, in her own right, a proficient singer. She was with the Jamie Strange Band and was voted Top Vocalist in the Hartford Advocate poll for five years running. The band also won Best Original Band and made the cover. Grano was in the band for ten years and felt it was time to move to California because each time she went there she felt a connection to its beauty and freedom. So, at the age of 33, Grano packed up her child and the family dog moved out west where she made some beautiful records. “It’s very different in LA,” says Grano, “you think you’re in a land everyone flocks to but it’s nothing to what I found in Hartford, CT.”

Angela Luna GranoPhoto care of Ed Nolan. Clothing design Lisa Sodoro of Lotus Culture Designs.

After some time in LA, Grano moved back to Connecticut which is where she met Robert at an event. “Robert approached me and felt a kinship with me. He wrote a song for me about an angel dressed in black and it was set to Spanish music. He later asked me to participate on his album, Let it Rain. When I walked into the first session, I was blown away. There was a bunch of people all in head phones but at one mic, and it was like the 60’s, like six people were in the room and they were changing places in the room and around that mic. I learned something new that night, that you can change blocks of vocals by shifting people around the room.”

When asked about what it was like working with Robert in the studio, Grano replied, “It was very casual, so family like and very professional. Robert had a vision, he knew what he wanted and what to do, but he also allowed my experience to add to the music.” Grano adds, “Robert was very open minded and respectful of the other musicians.”

As we discussed the local music scene, Grano points out that Connecticut has few remaining joints that support local artists like Robert and herself, naming Black Eyed Sally’s and Sully’s Pub, both in Hartford, among them. Grano is currently singing back up for Klokwize, a 25 year old hip hop artist who she says is hip hope to her. “Acoustic Americana, like Robert, and James Maple, who will melt you to the core, or hip hop like Klokwize, these are the only places I feel where originality is being appreciated,” says Grano.

Grano’s own musical influences vary from Earth, Wind and Fire to Ann Wilson, Nina Simone, and Janis Joplin. “I knew by the age of eight that I wanted to be a singer,” she says. “First I wanted to be a veterinarian and then something dawned on me when I was eight and did a talent show with my sister on our own. Music was brought to me to bring a voice to those who don’t have one. Music isn’t about fame and fortune. I’ve been blessed, I’ve made a lot of the most beautiful songs and videos, but right now, I have an orphaned baby turkey in my hands and only reason I want to succeed in music is to preserve the children of the earth, human or animals.”

Robert and Angela are planning to gig together soon and details will be made available. In the meantime, be sure to check out Grano’s new video: Easy – Offical Music Video, and her new CD, Lullabies for Monsters, available on Amazon: Lullabyes for Monsters. More Conversations are coming as well.

© 2014 Sharon Elizabeth



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