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We’re down to the last leg of this journey – although, it’s actually just the beginning (sort of a loop that runs right through my door and brings me back again…). Final mixes are being done, reviewed, and readied for the mastering process. The album, “LET IT RAIN”, either digital or physical copy, could soon be in your hands! Meanwhile, I figured I just share with you some little bits of info about the album.


  • The process, including the songwriting, spans a period slightly over one year.
    • The first song (“Back Again” – also the first track on the album) was written in June 2013, before “NEVER TOO LATE” was even released.
    • In early December 2013, I began making notes, *planning. * “Planning”, RCF-style, is not necessarily as defined by most entrepreneurs.  🙂
    • George Mastrogiannis and I did the first recording session, at David Swanson’s “Legend Studios”, on Wednesday, February 26, and laid down the guitar, bass, & drum tracks for “Shoestring” and “Back Again”.
    • The final recording session was Tuesday, August 5.
  • “LET IT RAIN” was not the original title, nor was “BACK AGAIN”. The original working title when I first started planning? “LOVE SONGS & OTHER MALARKEY”. Honest.
  • SONG TITLES (in album order)
    • Back Again
    • Anastasia’s Lament
    • Let It Rain
    • Shoestring
    • Ed McMahon
    • Phoebe
    • 1st Church of the Tambourine
    • (She Takes Her) Picture At Night
    • Restless
  • Although the basic tracks were recorded, “Two Days, Too Late” (originally titled: Golden-Haired Goddess With A Toothbrush) was eventually scrapped from the project. The tracks still exist. Who knows; it may appear on a future album…
  • “Northern Sky”, was written around the same time as “Phoebe” and “Anastasia’s Lament”, but not included it in this project. It also may appear in the future. The same is true of “Don’t Sit On The Sofa”, written sometime between “1st Church Of The Tambourine” and “Restless”.
  • “Anastasia’s Lament” and “Restless” were both the result of writing assignments I gave myself – exercises to stretch my skills. Click here for the story behind “Anastasia’s Lament”.
  • “Restless”, “1st Church of the Tambourine”, and “(She Takes Her) Picture At Night” were all written once the recording process had begun – well into it, actually. “Restless” was recorded at the very last session a couple weeks ago, having only been written a couple days prior. *It is only consequential that they appear at the end of the album.
  • My shoes (“THE Shoes”), in part, the inspiration behind “Shoestring”, have their own Facebook page AND twitter account!
  • I met David Swanson, engineer for both ‘LET IT RAIN” and “NEVER TOO LATE”, when I was a music teacher at The Master’s School. He was a student in the high school – and already an incredibly impressive musician.
  • Compared to “NEVER TOO LATE (for which I did all the instruments and vocals), 11 other people were involved in making “LET IT RAIN”:
    • George Mastrogiannis: drums/percussion
    • Isaac Young: keyboards “Let It Rain”, “Shoestring”
    • Atticus Kelly: piano “Ed McMahon”, electric guitar “Back Again”
    • Orville Barnaby: group vocals “Back Again”, “Let It Rain”
    • Gracie Day: guest vocal (both parts) “Picture At Night”, group vocals “Shoestring”, “Back Again”, Let It Rain”
    • Emily Joy Latvis: group vocals “Back Again”, “Let It Rain”
    • Jordan Rose Lee: group vocals “Shoestring”, “Let It Rain”
    • Lana Peck: group vocals “Shoestring”, “Let It Rain”
    • Angela Luna: guest vocal “Phoebe”, group vocals “Back Again”, “Let It Rain”
    • Collen Renzullo: group vocals “Back Again”, “Let IT Rain”
    • Steve Vozzolo: group vocals “Back Again”, “Let It Rain”
  • The “choir” on “Let It Rain” consisted of only 8 people; two of whom were recorded at an entirely different session than the other singers.
  • The backup vocals for “1st Church Of The Tambourine” were performed by The FULLERTONE Gospel Quartet! * I also did “choir” vocals on “Anastasia’s Lament”, but that name doesn’t fit the sound 🙂
  • Last factoid: YOU can’t wait to get hold of this album!


* Go back and read/reread through earlier posts!

About Back Again

Robert C. Fullerton (RCF), a CT singer/songwriter. He released "NEVER TOO LATE" (available on iTunes) in the summer of 2013, and is now working on a follow up project, "BACK AGAIN"!
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