I spent a good part of today with a friend, shooting some stills and video – mostly video. Afterwards, we sat down for a late lunch, and conversation. Although I’ve only recently met J Timothy Quirk, we seem to have a common spirit. As a result, the conversation is always good.

The dialogue continued even after we parted ways. He was piecing the video together; I was busy with what  has pretty much become my daily social media assault (ahem: twitter: http://www.twitter.com/r_c_fullerton, facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rcfmusic). In discussing the idea of how people would connect (what “familiar voice” would they hear), the idea of a “new Americana” came up. New, because it’s not necessarily the style of music generally associated with Americana, or “Roots” music. The topics, however: struggles of love, finances, purpose in life, are ones that many of us, perhaps most, face every day.

The video we worked on is for the song, “Shoestring”. Although it takes a bit of a light approach, it definitely addresses the idea of hardship.

Just four dollars in my pocket, and I’m wondering how far

It will take me from this place, if I hop inside my car…”

© 2014 RCFullerton Music


Some think that the “four dollars” is poetic… but I’ve been there, wondering just how far you can stretch those last few dollars – your checkbook and the bills playing chicken – thinking, “maybe I should just up and go…” “Ed McMahon” (remember the old sweepstakes commercials???) is another look at hardship.

The irony of it all? I’m hoping these songs will be a means of getting ahead! Either way, I think you’ll both identify, and enjoy these two songs. Maybe it will help to know someone else is there, that someone (many someones) fights the same battle. Maybe the lighthearted music of “Shoestring” will give you reprieve, make you smile, laugh, maybe even dance 🙂

Look for the album soon. Look for the video even sooner!



About Back Again

Robert C. Fullerton (RCF), a CT singer/songwriter. He released "NEVER TOO LATE" (available on iTunes) in the summer of 2013, and is now working on a follow up project, "BACK AGAIN"! www.rcfullerton.com
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