The Power of Music

2014-04-01 21.23.00
After last weeks roller coaster of emotions it was difficult to muster the inner creativity to come back into the studio again. The loss of my cat Ganesha was a devastating blow and one that I will not soon recover from. He was so special to Corey and I. That being said I knew that getting together with Robert again to tailor some more of his beautiful music would be just what I needed to help me through. This week Corey decided to join me in going to Dave Swanson’s studio. We love doing things together and I felt at ease with her by my side. When we arrived we saw that Dave had installed new floors in the studio, and I think the change in sound made a huge difference for the better. The flooring took away some of the echo I was hearing when I would hit the drums. I set up my kit and as usual Dave was ready to place mics and get a sound. While I was playing a bit I could see Robert through the glass of the recording room and I yelled out” how’s it goin’ Robert”! He waved at me and took off his jacket. By now we are semi-pros at this recording stuff. Coming in for four non sequential sessions I do feel much more comfortable.

We started with “Let it Rain” first. It had been recorded two weeks back and needed some fine tuning. Robert and I laid down new drum and bass tracks and I think the energy of this one came out great. I am really looking forward to hearing the album in it’s final version. Robert wanted me to add some different drums sounds to a couple tracks and I thought bongo would work really well on “pictures”, but we ended up using them on “Back Again” instead. Funny how you have one thing in mind then things change just like that. That is what collaboration is all about. I took a little break to let Robert record his acoustic guitar for the bridge on “Let it Rain”, and I sat in the engineer’s room on the loveseat with Corey. I listened to Robert play through the speakers while I watched Corey clean up her photo files on her “FLICKR” page. We all need to do a little house cleaning once in a while.

It had been a long weekend before the recording, our emotions on our sleeves. Losing a pet is heartbreaking and I felt that I needed to express whatever it was I was feeling in the music I recorded that night. That is why I play music, because it has a transcending power that can heal pain and share the feelings that we all go through. Part of Ganesha will always be with me and now his spirit is also in the music we recorded. I will always look back on the this recording with Robert as a significant milestone in my life. He gave me the chance to get back out there and show that I can still play. I think our musical connection is in a evolution that continues to expand. Another great thing about music. It gets better the longer you play with the same people. You get to know them as humans and allows for the musical conversation to take on a life of its own. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for that. And of course Corey who stands by me and has been witness to my rebirth as a musician. It takes a lot of patience to live with a drummer, I am lucky to have her as my partner in crime.

Until next time…2014-04-01 21.22.37

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