It’s been two weeks since the last studio session, and I’m really looking forward to getting back into this tomorrow night. I really do love the whole recording experience: writing, arranging, doing, redoing, redoing some more… By the time you get hold of the songs, you will have the final, polished product. I see it step by step, track by track, layer by layer, revision by revision. For those familiar with the Beatles’ “Anthology”, it’s a bit like that (only without their fame and budget). I’m even doing a couple different versions of one or two songs… Now, to just decide which one(s) to actually release. I really do love this process; it’s fun!

The two weeks off, however, have not been “off”. It’s been necessary to listen back over that tracks that have already been recorded – to listen with fresh, more critical ears. Time away also gives not only the ears, but also the brain a chance to “breathe”. Ideas take time. I’d rather do this “right” (well), not just hurry through with an acceptable (or worse) outcome.

I’ve also had some great performance and collaborations over the past two weeks. This is big. It’s also fun…and “magical”. J Timothy Quirk spoke of this in his last post. I had two “volumes” of the SONGWRITERS TAKE ON THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK series. It was amazing to work with guests: Kate Callahan and Echo Joy (which included Atticus Kelly of the McLovins), Gracie Day, and Krizta Moon. These people are all very talented when it comes to both songwriting, and performing. It’s great to work with people of like passion, and see what each brings to the creative table (see for info on the series)! On one of the Saturdays in between, I went to see George Mastrogiannis (my drummer for this project) perform with “G Tree”. Toward the end of the night, they invited me to join them on stage. I performed “I Saw An Angel”  (from NEVER TOO LATE: George, and the rest of the band jumped right in and played along. The song got very positive feedback, not only from the audience, but also from the musicians on stage with me!

So, even though I’ve missed being in the studio, it’s been far from an unproductive time (I’ve also been busy working on new gigs). It’s been grand! Nevertheless, I can’t wait get back into the studio tomorrow evening!!!

#BackAgain (and not going away),


video: “Ed McMahon

with Krizta Moon at Songwriters Take On The Great American Songbook

with Krizta Moon at Songwriters Take On The

with (L-R) Michele (Echo Joy), Atticus (Echo Joy), Gracie Day, Kate Callahan, Cynthia (Echo Joy)
with (L-R) Michele (Echo Joy), Atticus (Echo Joy), Gracie Day, Kate Callahan, Cynthia (Echo Joy)

with Atticus Kelly

with Atticus Kelly

with Robert "Bobby", George, and Mike

with Robert “Bobby”, George, and Mike

at Nomad's Performance Showcase

at Nomad’s Performance Showcase

Great American Songbook

About Back Again

Robert C. Fullerton (RCF), a CT singer/songwriter. He released "NEVER TOO LATE" (available on iTunes) in the summer of 2013, and is now working on a follow up project, "BACK AGAIN"!
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  1. Jessie says:

    Nice! You guys should put some Soundcloud widgets in here or something so people can listen right as they’re reading the article.

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