Magic Happens in Live Music

rcf and moon

“Magic happens in live music” –RC Fullerton

On a cold Thursday night, a dedicated crowd filled Desultory Theatre Club at the Morrison Building for the fourth installment of “Songwriters Take on the Great American Songbook”.  Robert C. Fullerton and Krizta Moon had guitars in hand as they shared their joy to a grateful audience.

Within the intimate atmosphere of the Desultory Theatre, the songwriters shared personal stories of what inspired their original songs and why songs from the Great American Songbook still inspire them today. Krizta Moon won over the audience with her first song, a Doris Day cover called “It’s Later Than You Think” which must be the happiest reminder of one’s mortality as one can ever achieve in a pop song. When offered a chance to sing an original work, a call from the audience requested “Sandy Beaches” which Moon performed and later in the evening she performed “Spontaneous”, a joyous celebration of living life to the fullest.

Robert C Fullerton played his original “Phantom” and later a new original work entitled “She Takes Pictures at Night” and throughout the evening dazzled the crowd with his precise guitar work. He shared two Cab Calloway songs and even described Cab Calloway’s smile. That same type of joy exuded from the stage tonight. With each singer/songwriter performing songs like “Wonderful World” and the obscure “If You Were a Sailboat” the songs performed at the Theatre were uplifting and they resonated with their audience who were even coaxed into joining in and singing near the end of the show.

There were two transcendent moments where the evening’s art became fully realized. The first occurred when Robert C Fullerton began a bluesy version to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in the key of C and Krizta Moon joined in to hit the high notes in the extemporaneous celebration of song. Then Krizta Moon performed “Keep it on the Sunnyside” and RCF accompanied, accentuating the melody as Moon held the rhythm. These unrehearsed, unplanned collaborations lifted the entertainment to the greatest heights, they seemed to embody the message of the evening which was to experience joy in life when we can by seizing moments of opportunity when they present themselves.  The audience recognized how special it was to be there to experience the live art taking place as the two musical artists gave their all to the performance in harmony. The performance that evening was wonderful, new and could have only occurred on that night, at that time with these artists in front of this crowd in Torrington at the Desultory Theatre.

When the evening had ended and RCF had made it off stage, he said that he loves working on his new album and how wonderful it is to work at the studio but with a beaming smile said that “Magic happens in live music” And tonight, he was absolutely right.

About jtimothyquirk

J. Timothy Quirk is a writer, broadcaster and cartoonist. Since March 2018, Quirk has written, created and produced an audio theater radio program called Nutmeg Junction. Nutmeg Junction currently (as of this update) airs in 4 states and online on 13 stations. Quirk also produces an interview radio program called Nutmeg Chatter . Quirk currently creates comics for the Winsted Phoenix newspaper.
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