Testing 1…2…3…

A man and his guitar. In a world of synthetic music, Robert is the real deal; he’s cotton in an industry of polyester. Organic. Original. Genuine.

This is the Robert I’ve known for several years with a short gap in between. The “in between” is where a lot of life happened for both of us, but when we reconnected, he was still a man with a guitar, now with new songs, new venues, and some new twists on old tunes.

A few summer nights during that reconnection were spent enjoying a meal on an outdoor patio while Robert serenaded us with blues and jazz favorites. The crowd would sing along at times, but even if they didn’t, live music while I enjoyed a fine wine and fresh pizza pie was quite alright with me as I enjoyed a warm night in a cozy town. Robert’s style is quite adapatable to his audience as proven by visits to other venues including a pub and a very hip diner.

On this journey of creating Back Again, I’m curious to see how the songs develop, what his aha! moments are that bring him that leading line or verse. As a writer myself, though not of music, I’m often encouraged by knowing how others make it happen. Robert is creative and brave, case in point is Anastasia’s Lament. If you haven’t hear it yet, definitely check it out.

I’m looking forward to the process of Back Again and applaud Robert for continuing to work his plan to go for what he wants. We should all be encouraged by his journey and success and put one foot in front of the other to move in the direction of our’s.  


About Sharon Elizabeth

Sharon Elizabeth is an author and artist focusing on nature and adult relationship themed poetry, witty short stories based on "you can't make this stuff up" life experiences, and the pairing of original Haiku poetry and inspired photography aka Haiku with a View. As an active volunteer with the CatTalesCT.org no kill feline rescue, Sharon serves as their newsletter editor among other tasks and adopted Harley her grey tabby from Cat Tales in 2010. Thump D, the orange feline, joined them in 2014. Sharon's art and writings are chronicled on her public Facebook page at Swirl Ink Publications.
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2 Responses to Testing 1…2…3…

  1. Back Again says:

    Thanks, Sharon! Glad to have you helping document this.

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