Testing 1…2…3…

A man and his guitar. In a world of synthetic music, Robert is the real deal; he’s cotton in an industry of polyester.

This is the Robert I’ve known for several years with a gap in between. The “in between” is where a lot of life happened for both of us, but when we reconnected he was still a man with a guitar.

On this journey of Back Again, I’m curious to see how the songs develop, what his aha! moments are that bring him that line or verse. As a writer myself, though not of music, I’m often encouraged in knowing how other writers make it happen.

I’m looking forward to the growing pains and birth of the new album.


Sharon Arsego

About Back Again

Robert C. Fullerton (RCF), a CT singer/songwriter. He released "NEVER TOO LATE" (available on iTunes) in the summer of 2013, and is now working on a follow up project, "BACK AGAIN"! www.rcfullerton.com
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