BACK AGAIN – the Songs: “Shoestring”

“Just four dollars in my pocket, and
I’m wondering how far it will take me from this place…”*

I’m far from rich. Very far. Very, VERY far. Some days seem even further than others…like the day I reached in my pocket, and had just $4.00 (trust me; if there was more in the bank account, it wasn’t much more). Sometimes, there is the temptation to just grab everything and drive. A change of scenery might be good. When you have little, there’s not much to hold you down. Conversely, when you have little, you’re not going to get very far away. Sometimes tempting, just the same.

Then there are the people who insist on telling you how foolish you are to pursue your dream… that I should make having more material possessions my goal: “Maybe if I knuckle down and buckle down, I could move into a sweeter part of town; Lay down my plans and schemes, give up my dreams – maybe I could get ahead.”*. There ARE times when you want to head that way, but, I think (if you have the gifts and abilities) you’re foolish to not pursue your dreams.

So, here I am, not quite “down to just two quarters, three nickels, and a dime”*, and still far from rich. But I’m BACK AGAIN…and NOT going away. Plain and simple.


* SHOESTRING © 2014 RCFullerton Music

PS: “shoestring” – You’ve seen pictures of my shoes. I like them, and when I find a pair of shoes that I like, and are comfortable, I wear them…and wear them…and wear them. These shoes, however, have those leather laces that just WILL NOT stay tied(see the very first entry made on this blog). I happened to look down one day (probably on one of my “poorer” days), and say to myself, “Hmmm… ‘living on a shoestring that’s about to come untied’.”

About Back Again

Robert C. Fullerton (RCF), a CT singer/songwriter. He released "NEVER TOO LATE" (available on iTunes) in the summer of 2013, and is now working on a follow up project, "BACK AGAIN"!
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1 Response to BACK AGAIN – the Songs: “Shoestring”

  1. debgluz says:

    I look forward to watching the process… good luck and have fun Thanks for inviting us to follow you on this journey.

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