Starting the Journey


During the heat of the summer of 2013 when a sea of blue topped tents on Main street signaled the arrival of the annual marketplace, I heard Robert C Fullerton perform to an exuberant  audience. Situated at the Five Points near the Arts Desire art store, with a guitar in hand he played some American standards and he had the crowd singing along with him.  There were a number of other musicians who showcased their talent that night but when I wrote about this street fair, I specifically mentioned RCF. We had not met at that point and I had not heard his original album but I knew that the singer who engaged the crowd with his talent and performing skill was an integral part of the rich fabric of the arts/culture community in Torrington, Connecticut.

At Christmas time I enjoyed watching his music video of “I Heard the Bells” and during those moments when he put out a promotion of a free download of a song, I took advantage. Then, as a fan, I purchased the first CD which is entitled “Never Too Late”.  The very first song starts out “Every day I meet people walking down the street acting like they know where to go…Uptown downtown all around the same town back and forth, to and fro”.  That doesn’t appear to be an accident of providential chance for I have often seen Robert C Fullerton walking downtown, engaging in his community.

And now in 2014, there is a direction of where he is going. RCF is building and shaping his new album. Just like his travels through Torrington, RCF is on a journey and I’m looking forward to seeing where it will lead…

About jtimothyquirk

J. Timothy Quirk is a writer, broadcaster and cartoonist. Since March 2018, Quirk has written, created and produced an audio theater radio program called Nutmeg Junction. Nutmeg Junction currently (as of this update) airs in 4 states and online on 13 stations. Quirk also produces an interview radio program called Nutmeg Chatter . Quirk currently creates comics for the Winsted Phoenix newspaper.
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2 Responses to Starting the Journey

  1. back again says:

    Thanks, J. Timothy Quirk. I’m so glad to have you helping me chronicle this adventure!

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